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The 2004 Ten Dollar Bill

2004 Ten Dollar Bill The current United States ten dollar bill contains the portrait of Alexander Hamilton on the front and the United States Treasury on the back. It entered circulation on March 2, 2006.

The exact dimensions of the bill are 6.14 x 2.61 inches. Alexander Hamilton is one of two non-presidents with his portrait on US paper currency. The front also contains red background images of the Statue of Liberty's torch, as well as words WE THE PEOPLE from the Constitution. The first modern anti-counterfeiting measures were introduced to the ten dollar bill in 1990. The two most prominent anti-counterfeiting measures added were the plastic security strip on the left side and the microscopic printing around Alexander Hamilton's portrait.

2004 Ten Dollar Bill Reverse The United States ten dollar bill has an average circulation life of approximately 18 months. The security features on the ten dollar bill include a security thread, the EURion constellation, a watermark, color shifting ink and microprinting.

The 1934 Ten Dollar Bill

1934 Ten Dollar Bill The most notable change to the 1934A United States ten dollar bill was the removal of the redeemable in gold clause due to the United States withdrawing from the gold standard.

1934 Ten Dollar Bill Reverse The back of the Series 1934A ten dollar bill contains the United States Treasury with TEN in the four corners. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is also written across the top of the back of the bill.

The Hawaii Ten Dollar Bill

Hawaii Ten Dollar Bill There were two major temporary design changes due to the war effort. The first major design change was the printing of bills with HAWAII overprinted on the front and back, with the serial numbers and seal were changed to brown. These bills were issued in Hawaii so that they could be declared worthless in the case of a Japanese invasion. Another bill was issued to troops in North Africa with a yellow treasury seal.

The 1901 Ten Dollar Bill

1901 Ten Dollar Bill The American Bison ten dollar bill was printed in 1901 and is one of the most famous printings of the ten dollar bill. The bill features Meriwether Lewis on the left and William Clark on the right. The back of the bill contains a figure representing Columbia between two pillars. The American Bison ten dollar bill was the only one to mention the legal provision that authorized its issuance.

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